The new Spring/Summer 2012 Woman Collection from Maliparmi is called "Weaves": mixtures, matches, weaves are the main themes of the elegant and refined fashion collection signed by Maliparmi for the new sunny season. It defines a world which is rich in magical suggestions joining the past and the present, modern technologies and craftsmanship, suitable for everyday life.

Everything is blended in amazing clothes and the tradition of craftsmanship, arts and crafts on the one hand and modern pragmatics, made of "light" technology and a great desire for simplicity on the other.

Five lines compose the new Maliparmi collection:

Intre-Spring: Its leitmotiv is the new stamp "technoties". It has got a revising on computer of an image of several different ties, weaved each other up to create a new abstract pattern.

Intre-Summer: It shows a print called "Sassi Ischitani" and tells a story about sunny beaches during a Mediterranean afternoon: old tiles smoothed by the sea found at Ischia, has been associated in chromatic families and they have been photographed. These images have been redefined in a graphic way and changed in a cotton print. This is the Summer Maliparmi theme.

Intre-Elegance: Formal dresses and accessories for which the trompe l'oeil (French for deceive the eye), so typical in Maliparmi fashion, finds a new way of being.

Intre-Sea: Beach bags, bijoux, bathing suits very colored in special and original mixtures of prints and embroideries.

Scarves and neighborhood: cotton scarves and beach robes become tops and clothing: an informal and unique way to change one of the most classical Maliparmi accessories.

The past and the present interweave each other to get a better future, the intuitive technology simplify the day-to-day blended with the values of the craftsmanship typical of Maliparmi brand generate a new idea of its collection. The blend between the tradition and the technology is all along at the bottom of Maliparmi strategy. Now more than ever the wise balance between past and present allow to give value to the daily work overall when it has been shared with a highly motivated and united team.

Laser cut fabrics and textiles, printing digitally on clothes and fabrics, patchwork leathers and sartorial seams show the levity and the technology of the brand. The simplicity is in the use of the white color, of the linear embroidery, in the clean cuts or in the use of the men's suits over women's wears. The testing comes back in the under glass concept: a resin coat or a gum casting that cover the fabric prints making them embroidery elements and fundamental parts of the bags.

The theme of "Weaves" (Intrecci in Italian) between past and present gives life to a collection from which emerges not only the will to test, but also the enhancement of the manual labor. The simplicity as common denominator and the weaves always and anyway: in the virtual prints, in the bags and in the shoes with laser waves, in the embroidered sandals, in the bijoux created by Maliparmi: this is an important, fascinating artisan sign that we find everywhere in the Spring/Summer Collection 2012 from Maliparmi, showed in the web pages of its shop online

About the Author:

Elisabetta Stella is associated with Digitcom, an Italian Digital Communication Agency.