Market size of Global Chlor-alkali industry is $70 billion (2012), and that of the Indian Chlor-Alkali Industry is 4% (2012) of the world market. Globally the installed capacity of Caustic soda is 78.6 mn (2012), while Indian Caustic Soda capacity constitutes for 4% (2012) of the global capacity. Domestic capacity utilization of the Caustic soda industry was 80% in the financial year 2011 as compared to 74% of the global Caustic Soda industry. Major Indian Caustic Soda manufacturers include Aditya Birla Group, Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals and DCM Shriram Consolidated (DSCL) among others.

Caustic Soda is mainly used by Textile, Pulp & paper, Aluminium, Soaps & detergents industries in India. Indian Caustic soda prices have firmed up gradually in the past two years. Domestic suppliers gained higher profit margins as imports got costlier because of the imposition of anti-dumping duty on Caustic Soda imports. The demand for textiles and apparels is growing in India, which will drive the demand for textile chemicals. However, the Indian industry has to strengthen its marketing and technical aspects to be globally competitive.

The article includes comprehensive pricing information of the Indian Caustic Soda market, Global Caustic Soda capacities, Major Indian Caustic Soda manufacturers and their capacities, Industry wise Caustic Soda consumption details, Indian Caustic Soda export-import statistics, Details of anti-dumping duty and its impact on Indian Caustic Soda industry.