Surface modification of polyester is well known to a chemical processing man by weight reduction process. The treatment will impart comfort characteristics to polyester and also the treatment has proved as replacement for silk.

This study deals with pre-treatment of polyester with swelling agent followed by alkaline hydrolysis. Glycerine was selected as pre-treatment solvent with 15% and 25% concentration treated at 60C. Pre-treated materials were base hydrolysed at 130C. With 5% and 8% NaOH. The results have been discusse4d with respect to effect of pre-treatment on weight loss of PET during alkaline hydrolysis. A general trend is observed with respect to higher concentration and temperature of pre-treatment followed by higher caustic concentration and temperature in favour of the physical properties of the weight loss increased with higher concentration pre-treatment and higher substrate hydrolysis temperature with glycerine.

Warp and weft bending length has registered a decreasing trend in the glycerine pre-treated samples at 60c and alkaline hydrolysis at 130C.

Sharp rise in GSM following pre-treatment and hydrolysis (Glycerine pre-treated samples) have indicated the action of glycerine on PET.

Crease recovery in warp and weft has registered the increasing trend with concentration and temperature of pre-treatment and hydrolysis at higher levels.

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