Global warming and climate change has devastating effect on human life. Health and energy security is under threat. A tentative projection from the Third Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCG) indicates that the region could experience a temperature increase to the order of five degrees Celsius by 2080 (IPCC TARWGIL 2001). The climate change would result in serious impacts on agriculture, forest and coastal resources, health of the population, the economy, its growth and upon national development.

Green House Gas Emission

The fact that India's energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions per capita are well below the world average leaves no room for complacence. The most effective way to address these challenges is to adopt a sustainable development approach by using environmentally sustainable technologies and promoting carbon reducing projects.

The process of measuring, calculating and declaring of an organization's direct and indirect GHG emissions is typically referred to as carbon foot printing. An accurate carbon footprint (measurement of all greenhouse gases a country produce) is an important step to manage and reduce the impact of your organization on climate change.

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Originally Published in the New Cloth Market, February, 2012.