The global fashion industry is a huge industry worth $4395 billions. Statistics show that the average revenue earned by the fashion industry is around $20 billion, annually. Americans spend around $250 billion every year on fashion clothing and accessories. Since clothing is one of the basic needs for life, it is bound to attract immense attention. People all over the world love to wear different types of clothes and accessories. It adds value to their standard of living!

Clothes and accessories reach the world populace through the medium of retail stores. Walmart, Mango, Zara, Hennes and Mauritz, Uniqlo, Gap Inc, etc. are some of the many big names in the industry. They get millions of customers to their stores every day. But despite having a good hold over the world market, it has become inevitable for retailers to have an e-store, as well. Retail stores are facing stiff competition from e-stores dealing in apparel and accessories.

The rising demand for e-shopping has lead to a new debate cropping up in the world. Will retail stores survive the tough competition given by the e-stores or will they vanish completely in the near future? It can be said for sure that the use of internet is about to grow by leaps and bounds. Technologically superior mechanisms have replaced lesser superior mechanisms in the past. It wont be surprising if retail stores go missing from the streets, and people look for clothes and accessories online!

There are many advantages to shopping online. Anybody can access the website from anywhere in the world, if they have an internet connection. The website can be accessed across countries and continents. People need not be present physically in the store. Differing time zones dont matter. Even if it is day time in one of the two transacting regions and midnight in the other, shoppers can go ahead and order any product of their choice.

Shopping may not be a hobby for everybody. Not everybody may wish to waste their time and energy behind shopping for clothes and accessories! Online stores make it easy to get the clothes and accessories of their choice to be delivered right up to their door steps. One need not waste a holiday or week-off in shopping for clothes. It can be availed by the click of a mouse. E-stores are preferred by many store owners owing to this facility.