Riseof luxury shoe brands like Jimmy Choo, Roger Vivier & others in Indianfashion

If you want to answer the proverbial chicken and the egg question vis-a-viswomen and shoes, "How many shoes does a woman need", this is as goodas it gets. If Imelda Marcos needed 1,060 pairs (some reports say 2,700),there's the recent case of US-based hedge-fund titan Daniel Shak suing hisex-wife and pro poker player Beth for amassing 1,200 pairs (mostly over $400).Daniel has since dropped the lawsuit but Shak claimed that she bought the shoesto fill the void in her loveless marriage.

But this is not just about women's shoes. May be Indian women are filling avoid, may be men have just discovered that there's more to shoes than one pairbut footwear is one of the fastest growing consumer segments in the country.Given that the per capita consumption of shoes in India has gone up from 1.1shoes a year in 2011 to about 2.5 shoes per year, we could soon have our veryown shoe senoritas.

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This article wasoriginally published in the Economic Times dated 29th July, 2012,written by Nupur Amarnath associated with the Economic Times Bureau.