DesignInnovation & Interventions: A Tool of Success for Chikankari Craft

21stCentury is marked with economic recessions in developed countries and threatsto our planet EARTH with global warming on one hand and globalization anddevelopments on the other hand. Concepts like sustainable and eco friendlyemerged from these platforms. A recent recession in United States economy notonly doomed many big companies, but also provided a new dimension andperspective to craft sector and innovations in design. This paper presents aview that how textile designs has provided a boon in the textile craft sectorin India with relevance to Chikankari, hand embroidery from Lucknow. The papertalks about various innovations been done in the last few years to uplift this handicraftwhich has been a huge success. The article concludes with the overview on theimportance of design to add value to any product.

Presentdecade are the years of changes, happening in all the fields science,technology, fashion or any other. Today with the threat to our planet theagenda of all the countries is to safeguard our environment. There have beenups and downs for the economies of various countries which could be due towars, internal social fights, nature disasters and many more. The low ineconomy or what we call recession in any country affects the whole market ofthe world. This is all because of Globalization.

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About the Authors:

Ms. Anu Sharma is an Assistant Professor at the Departmentof Textile Design in the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi.

Ms. Dolly Kumar is an Assistant Professor at theDepartment of Leather Design in the National Institute of Fashion Technology,New Delhi.

This article wasoriginally published in the Textile Review, July, 2012, published by SaketProjects Limited, Ahmedabad.