The premium jeans craze has brought with it a universal back pocket obsession. No matter how appealing they are on a hanger, the true test of any pocket is how it looks on your butt. Not every design is for every body, we'll help you find what will work for you.

How can you tell Joe's from Jag or Guess from Gap? Look at the pocket design! The premium jeans craze has brought with it a universal back pocket obsession. For some, being able to identify a designer brand by the back pocket has become a consuming pastime (although I suspect my boyfriend has ulterior motives). Every brand has their signature stitch, color, shape or design. Besides flaunting your exquisite good taste, what do back pockets do for you? You know if they look fab or frumpy, we'll tell you why.

Gone are the days when the back pocket was purely a utilitarian feature. With the care and craftsmanship that goes into today's denim pocket designs, it is sacrilegious to even use them. No matter how appealing they are on a hanger, the true test of any pocket is how it looks on your butt. Not every design is for every body, we'll help you find what will work for you.

Embellished jean pockets: Fun and attention grabbing embellishments abound on these jean pockets and they really punch up the WOW factor on a pair of jeans. Intricate embroidery, multi-colored stitching, and fabric insets are all designed to focus attention on your assets. They do a great job, adding dimension and interest to your seat. While this is perfect for flat seats, making them appear fuller and rounder, it can be too much added bulk for full seats.

Who's got 'em? 7 For All Mankind - "A" Pocket Rock & Republic - Roth Antik Denim - Monroe Bootcut Jeans Diesel - Lowky Metro7 - Gem Pocket Jean

Jean pockets with flaps: From tailored to flirty, flap back pockets add interest and character to your jeans. The flaps come in all shapes and sizes. Extra layers of denim, stitching, and buttons add weight and depth to the back of your jeans. This added fullness is a boon to flat seat people, amping up curves. It can also work well for fuller seats as long as the proportions and placement of the pocket are right.

Who's got 'em? 1921 Jeans - Surplus Flare Hudson - Triangle pocket Levi's - 542 Low Flare Jeans Paige Premium Denim - Santa Monica Trouser

Specially Shaped jean pockets: Technology and art come together creating pockets with an extra lift. Asymmetrical pockets with angled corners and unique shaping are specifically designed to flatter your seat. Darted back pockets create extra curve for your seat while special angles and corners work with your curves to give an illusion of lift. Done right, these jean pockets work well for anyone.

Who's got 'em? James Cured by Seun - Original Bootcut Jeans and Straight Leg Juicy Couture - Embellished Low Flare

Basic jean pockets: The classic jean pocket, a basic spade shape, works for everyone and is the perfect canvas for signature stitching. These favorite standbys can be plain or come in a multitude of stitch styles (every brand has their signature design). Look for subtle stitching or a tone on tone design to add interest without drawing too much attention to your butt. The newest styles, with faded blue on blue designs, are perfect for the new clean jean trend.

Who's got 'em? Levi's - 518 Super Low Bootcut Gap - Original Long and Lean 7 For All Mankind - Boot Cut American Eagle - Artist Jean J Brand - Cigarette Leg Cambio - Norah Jeans

Oversized jean pockets: Funky and fun, these jean pockets not for every one. Extra large pockets that are set super low, really on the back of your thigh, are all the rage right now. If you have a smaller seat, they will make your butt look high and cute. For those of us who are not so blessed, oversized jean pockets can make you look shorter and stocky, best to stay away. Who's got 'em? Diesel - Hipper Taverniti So - Janis True Religion - Joey

No pocket jeans: In our minds, back pockets are an integral part of jeans, is it still a jean when you take them off? Nevertheless, styles without back pockets do exist, and while some people swear by their butt enhancing properties, others would not be caught dead in them. The bottom line is a no back pocket style is the au naturel way to wear jeans. There is nothing to detract or distract from your real shape.

Who's got 'em? Victoria's Secret - The Easy Jean JLO by Jennifer Lopez - Sterling Jeans and Flap Pocket Jean

Trouser pocket jeans: Trouser welt pockets on a jean is a cool idea that doesn't always work. As they are generally small and set higher on the jeans, they are harder hard to wear. They can make your butt look rounder and bigger, not something that most of us want. To get a good trouser pocket on jeans, look for those that are larger than your typical trouser style and set on the fullness of your cheeks, not above. Who's got 'em? Rock & Republic - Clapton Trouser Joe's Jeans - Mitchell Stretch Trouser Jean Edun - Sybil Trouser Jeans Land's End - Regular Stretch Trouser Jeans

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