Antimicrobial Finishing Of Denim Fabric Using Methanolic And Aqueous Extract Of Selected Medicinal Herbs


Denim is a popular garment worldwide among all the group of people. . The word denim is almost synonymously used with high fashion garments. Though the usage of denim has significantly increased, the functional finishes in the denims has been given least importance. The finishes will be a great value addition since denims are worn for an extended period of time and several properties like the antimicrobial, are necessary for the denim fabric. The present work is one such approach of developing antimicrobial finishes which can be scaled up to the level of industries on commercial and the architecture of the denim fabrics. Out of the vast and numerous natural antimicrobial finishes available in the plant kingdom twenty natural herbs suspected having the antimicrobial efficiency have been selected for functional finishing on denim fabrics. Among them, three natural herbs namely, Euphorbia hirta, Senna auriculata and Jatropha curcas were found to be effective in antimicrobial efficiency. The selected herbal extracts were combined to provide maximum antibacterial activity on the denim fabrics. The results indicated that the combination of 1:3:2 of the selected herbs were found to show highest antibacterial activity. This work will throw more light on the value addition and marketability of the denim fabrics and its related products.

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