Can a slogan on a T shirt bring glory to a brand?

Like jeans, T shirt has also become a fashion item. Trends in T shirt, like any fashion style; keeps changing. Latest hot trend is slogan T shirts. A smart way of promotion for brands is through slogans on T shirts. It is one stylish way to tell the world what the wearer cares about. Wearing one, customers feel like branding themselves.

Slogans are short and catchy sentences used on T shirts, caps, buttons etc to advertise and accentuate a business product. Slogans are subliminal, and work on different levels. A catchy slogan helps in promoting the brand, and marketing a particular product. Apart from this, slogans are also used for social purposes; charity, team spirit and promoting a company logo.

T shirts are a timeless trend in the world of fashion. Be it an ultramodern dialogue creating hot debates, or a vintage rocker from the 70s, T shirts retain its name and fame. A widespread pop cultured phenomenon, the journey of slogan T shirts started during the 60s when Mr Freedom, a shop on the London Kings Road initially sold slogan T shirts. Designs included Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse with message. Later during the 70s T shirts featured a swastika and an inverted crucifix with the word 'Destroy This was sold under the name, 'the ultimate punk-rock T shirt During the 80s it reached a saturation point. T shirts designed by Hamnett with the slogan 'Number One', and 'Choose Life' were copied all over the world. Reincarnation of slogans on T shirts happened during 2006, when the trend was seen in cat walks.

Slogan T shirts have ever since captured attention for around three decades and are now making a comeback in the fashion sector. Slogans are printed on excellent quality, heavyweight T shirts using the highest quality of vinyl and screen printing methods adding superiority to the class. Today, T shirts have become like message boards, and are updated just like the Facebook status. The trend is revolutionary and market for such T shirt is expanding enormously in the recent times.

Despite the entire hullabaloo, big brands do not focus much on slogan T shirts. They are considered only as an add-on or as a supplementary item. T shirts with captivating slogans are not sold much by notable brands but it is quite certain that the total value of T shirts in the wardrobe of customers; particularly youth, may not be less than any other kind of clothing. Online retailers such as Inkfruit have a good reputation especially for T shirts. The brand facilitates customers to post their own designs in their website and also encourages ranking the designs posted by other customers. There is enough room for more retailers to enter the market.

However, there are also negative opinions regarding slogans. UK brand Topman has withdrawn two of its T shirts from the market due to a slew of negative publicity stating they might condone domestic violence. Nike, the official outfitter for this year's London Olympics has been in debate for their outlandish T shirt slogan 'Gold Digging' recently.

Retailers come up with new ideas to spice up the customer's preference and retain their market. To go with the choice of customers, slogan T shirts are also custom made. Customers who are used to buy custom made T shirts, prefer to wear their own creations rather than wearing ordinary T shirts. Slogans caring for environment are also used on T shirts such as focusing on water pollution, recycling or forest conservation. Brands create their own slogans to put their message across, and spread the word.

Slogan T shirts provide a way for customers to express their personality with confidence without being labeled. They give a dramatic effect when featured on a T shirt. It is a good conversation method, and suits people of all ages and background.