Designing & Construction ofHand Bags by Using Kalamkari Motifs through Resist Techniques with DifferentSurface Ornamentations


Thepresent study has been carried out with the objectives of providing a range ofbags to the customers & creation of bags with some new deigning aspects. Toattain these objectives firstly the survey was done to have a review overexisting designs, shapes, color, embellishments and other consumer preferencesregarding bags. After survey 15 shapes were decided to be sketched andmade which were selected by own choice of the researcher. Then 24 design sheetswere sketched with selected shape of bags. Then an evaluation was done with thesample group of Banasthali Vidyapith. Then 8 design sheets were selected by therespondents on the basis of 3-point rating scale for given parameters ofevaluation. Then mean values were calculated for all ratings and then 8 bestsheets were chosen for development of prototypes of bags. After that, prototypesof bags were constructed as per the best designs selected. The fabrics of bagswere prepared through resist techniques with embroidery. After preparing thefabrics adornment was done by using different adornment techniques like beads,laces, brooches & buttons etc. The bags were then made with the stitchingprocess, which was done by machine. After developing the bags, consumeracceptability and market value of designed bags was determined on the basis offurther evaluation which was done with the help of another 3-point ratingscale.

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