Thepresent study entitled 'Promoting traditional embroideries of India' to developskill among rural women's by traditional embroidery and to provide novelty andvariety in embroidered suits. A pre- market survey was conducted to asses thepresent availability of various embroidered suits through net, magazine, booksetc. This survey was carried out in Banasthali and Hanumangarh. The embroiderymaterials were collected from embroidery shops for the purpose of training anddesigning purpose. In the present study which was conducted in Banasthali andHanumangarh, whereas total 20 respondents selected purposively.

Theninvestigator developed 15 design sheets. These design sheets were furtherevaluated and 5 most preferred design sheets were converted into prototypes.These all are constructed according to the preferred design sheets and thendeveloped prototype further evaluated on the basis of color combination,placement of motifs, marketability and over all. Majority of the products werefound to have high marketing and acceptability. Investigator can conclude thatsuch study has great relevance and optimum significance to educate and makethem illiterate so that they can improve their economic condition and supporttheir family and to provide novelty and variety in embroidered suits.

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