Sometimes we would prefer to send the man's suits to the dry-clean as we don't want to mishandled the suits. But you can also try some tips on how to clean the man's suits in your home.

DISCOLORED OR STAINED SHIRTS or blouses of Da-cron, or Dacron and cotton blends, that are not satisfactorily clean after washing, can be given the following treatment: dissolve one cup of Calgonite or Electrasol (detergents used in electric dishwashers) in one gallon of water, using an enameled container. Submerge the garment completely and let it soak overnight, then wash it by the method given. Care must be taken not to expose the skin long to the Electrasol or Calgonite solution, or to get it in the eyes. If it should get into the eyes, wash them thoroughly with water.

WASH-AND-WEAR MEN'S SUITS - Hand washing is preferred for these, but they can also be done by machine. In either case it is important that the water not be hot nor the washing action vigorous, if the easy-care properties are to be maintained. And remember to pretreat badly solied areas and spots.

FOR HAND WASHING use warm water, a strong detergent, or soap and a water softener, and a container large enough to give space without crowding. No wringing or twisting, and be sure to rinse thoroughly.

FOR MACHINE WASHING, using the same materials, give the suit a five minute wash and remove it before the spin dry cycle starts. If your machine has a special fabric cycle, that is the one to use. The preferred drying method for these suits, whether laundered by hand or machine, is the drip dry. Put the coats soaking wet on non-staining hangers. Suspend the trousers by their cuffs on pants hangers with the creases carefully aligned.

MACHINE DRYING - If it is necessary, or seems desirable, to use a tumble dryer for your wash-and-wear suit, allow it to go through the complete washing cycle. Then place it in the tumble dryer and allow it to dry for about twenty minutes at the low temperature setting. Top results in machine drying these suits, according to the most recent studies, are achieved if a drying temperature of 170 F. is used, followed by five to ten minutes of tumbling without any heat at all. Take the suit out of the dryer immediately and hang it as described for drip drying. If it needs a little pressing use a steam iron, or a dry iron set for rayon, and a dampened press cloth. These suits may also be dry cleaned.

THE "AUTOMATIC" WASH-AND-WEAR SUITS, which are newer and are made of specially engineered Dacron or Orion textiles and sewn under closely controlled conditions, will stand the most vigorous washing and drying. Only occasionally will they need light ironing. These are the laundering procedures that have been developed, after many tests, for washing "Automatic" suits: after pretreating oil and grease stains with a solvent, and applying detergent paste to especially soiled areas, put the suit into the washing machine and wash it for five minutes in warm water (100 F.) with a strong detergent or soap, and a water softener. Use the special fabric cycle if there is one, otherwise use the regular machine cycle. Run the washer through the complete cycle of spins and rinses. A fabric softener such as Sta-Puf or Nu-Soft in the final rinse will improve the drying performance of the suit and minimize static. Use one-fifth of the amount of softener usually recommended by the manufacturers of these products.

Prefer hand wash the suits by using warm water with detergent or soap plus softener. And use tumble dryer to dry the suits. With this way, the suits will be last longer.

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