Indian Footwear Industry is one of the most vital industry, which rather than machinery, also depends on craftsmanship and manpower. Footwear Export is among top ten Export products of the country. China is the largest manufacturer of Footwear, but we are ahead of it in good craftsmanship. Being a second Largest Footwear manufacturer of the world, Indian Footwear Industry is divided in two sectors, large & small scale.

Personnel management, which includes methods of recruitment, selection, training, terms of employment, methods and standards of remuneration, working condition, maintenance and effective use of facilities, is important for both large and small scale industry. In Big companies, good relationship is maintained through various welfare schemes and activities, but in small scale sector, adequate attention has not been paid to this aspect. In Southern part of India, small scale sector is systematic. There are some regions in India, where there is a scope of improvement. For the proper development in these regions, due recognition to the importance of the human factor has to be given. It is a fact that this has not been given sufficient attention in the past. Till now we have not achieved benchmark, when we talk about personnel management, safety management, cleanliness and technical education.

As per the data maintained by Council of Leather Exports, Indian Footwear Industry has share of 13% in global footwear production of 16 million pairs. India produces 2065 million pairs of different categories of footwear. But the craftsmen, who are devoting whole life in footwear industry are not having safe working condition. They are not having regular jobs. Maximum workers are working in contracts. The owners have no social responsibility for them. If any worker is affected by any injury, he cannot claim for compensation, because there is a lack of records & attendance. Workers are forced to work in a scorching heating condition. They have no facilities like Provident Funds, Medical benefits etc. They work on holidays and night hours. They are working in worse conditions with maximum pressure and minimum wages. Their so called "Maalik" cries with the continuous dialogue of "Low fund".