Fashion wizards have come up with a fix for those who debate whether to go with a short or a long dress. A party wear from the front and a formal dress from behind. Wearing this hot trend makes one noticed. What is so special about this dress, and what are the upcoming trends?

One of the most adorable fashion trends for 2013 is high-low hem dresses. High-low hem is a style in which the hemline in the front part of the dress is shorter than the back part of the dress. Fun and flirty, this style is a great option for women who want to dress up different. One of fashion's most covetable trends, the outfit provides a cutting edge wardrobe collection.

Though creating much buzz recently, high-low hem dresses were in fad in the earlier times as well. Formerly known as fishtail gown, and mullet dress, the outfit pictures the slender legs of the wearer, while also maintaining the elegancy factor. Celebrities have already started taking advantage of this ingenious design. It has become a preferred clothing choice of celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Spice Girl Victoria etc., who were seen flaunting the costume in the 2012 Olympic closing ceremony.

Making a runway magic:

Originating from the Victorian era, high-low hem trend was popular during the mid 1800s and reappeared during the 19th century. These dresses have a full circle hem. The length varies from short to long as per pattern. It was a popular craze during 2011 in US and EU, and a worldwide spring fashion in 2012. Conservative in the back and opulent in the front, this pattern offers the best of both worlds to the fashion savvy women.

This polarizing trend has infiltrated runways, has an iconic influence, creating big waves in the fashion shows. Popular as a spring/summer outfit, it is now making its way as fall/winter apparel through runways. Models are seen flaunting in lightweight high-low tees, tops, and blouses. It blends perfectly with Capri, shorts, or cropped pants showing off the hem line.

Trends for 2013:

Directional, diverse, and exciting, high-low hem dresses give the glamour of an appealing evening gown and the comfort of a short dress. They go for all seasons and are expected to be in a big way in 2013. It makes a dynamic clothing choice, and the trend is seen in red carpet events and streets too. As the temperature dips the dress would still be in fashion getting transformed into sweaters, and outerwear. A simple cardigan boasting a high-low hem in a bright hue will make a bold fashion statement. Fall perfect denims featuring flap chest pockets, long sleeves, and metallic textured buttons will be in trend. Trench style jackets will over sized collars, front pockets, and zip cuffs will be much in fad. High low hem prom dresses will be in a big trend for 2013.

Tangerine hues are a perfect way to slip into the spring season. Floating ivory dresses with a glimmering look creates an angelic vibe. Scooped neckline, stitched darts, sleeveless styles, gathered pleats, sheer panel to the reverse, a dipped hem, and fitting waist are some of the patterns that go with the dress.

With a high-low hem line dress, every woman can channel her inner diva. Wearing this dress creates a fairy tale evening.