Ballet is a slow performance dance. Fashion industry had been into Fast Fashion trends during the past decade. Currently it is inclining towards a slow performance ballet of Slow Fashion trends.

Sustainability has shifted the focus of fashion industry from Fast to Slow fashion. Apparel and fashion sectors are influenced by each other. Recent economy had influenced people's mindset, and the way they plan to spend their money for clothing. Consumer pressure is always not a main driver for fashion industry. With the environmental concerns intensifying with every passing day, factors such as environmental regulations, trade agreements, and other safety standards also play a crucial role in shaping the industry. Sustainable practices adopted in the apparel, and textile sector has its impact in the fashion sector too.

Fast Vs Slow Fashion:

Fast fashion is more about speed; selling more in short time, and making more money. And in the pursuit of more profits, along with time, other factors such as labor, capital, and natural resources also gets squeezed. C:\Documents and Settings\megha\Desktop\untitled.JPGShorter lead times and inexpensive clothes lead to exploitation of labor and other resources. It was much in practice during the past decade. Clothes were worn for a short time, and dumped quickly. Fast fashion involves high speed and high volume of production, consumption and disposal. Customers are not aware of the negative ethical environmental impacts. Fast fashion culture creates customers who shop at alarming rates, and quickly dispose them to landfill.