We are just beginning to see a touch of the wonderful fall colors in our trees, the temperatures have begun to cool, and the children are back in school. All of these signal the onset of the fall season and for those of us who have sought out new clothes for transitioning from summer into winter, we are now anxious to start wearing them. We have chosen from the darker, richer tones that have appeared in the stores and we have chosen big, bold jewelry to accent those new clothes, so why is this article about 'spring'? Because that is the way the fashion world works! Always a season or two ahead and always anxiously awaiting what is to be shown on the fashion runways!

But before we preview spring 2007, let's take a snapshot look at holiday 2006. The major jewelry trends from fall will carry through the holiday season, so we will see a lot of metal, especially gold tones; long, long ropes or chains; plenty of chunky beaded looks with big, bold gemstones and natural stones; stacks of large bracelets; and many long chandelier earrings with motion. Throw in more black, more layers, big cocktail rings, and of course, the usual holiday glitter especially in deep red tones, frosty blues, or icy crystals and that defines the holiday season for 2006!

Now on to spring of 2007! It sounds so far away, but in the fashion world, that is where the interest lies. The designers have shown their interpretation of spring styles and spring colors. And while each season previews new and fresh looks, many of the styles have morphed from the previous season. Spring 2007 colors are definitely the fall 2006 colors lightened a few tones! Gray remains the new neutral, but is softened and toned to easily pair with the mid-tones of green, blue, gold, and strawberry. The closest semblance of a pastel exists as a dusty pink shade!

With the dress emerging as the foremost spring fashion item, fashion jewelry looks will complement the return of the more feminine attire. Black will carry over from the holiday season, but will be joined with white in the form of pearls, quartz, white agate, white ceramic, and white enamels. Pearls in multi strands or long ropes, fancy colors, or exaggerated sizes will all be prevalent for spring.

Color will remain important as gemstones; especially sapphire, aquamarine, and tanzanite will be dominant in jewelry for spring. When those gemstones are paired with pave diamonds or crystal in large cocktail rings, this look will definitely be 2007. Color in metal also becomes important as rose gold emerges in abundance while yellow gold remains strong.

Big, bold, and long remain the three most important style trends for spring jewelry. Whether they incorporate metal, gemstones, pearls, or other natural materials, these looks remain the defining story for spring 2007. Chains will consist of open links, uniquely shaped links, or hammered links; sometimes paired with beads. Bracelets are bigger and thicker. And watch for the emergence of charms as in charm bracelets, charms hung from chains or pearls, and even children's jewelry decked with charms!

As in the 2006 fall season, fashion jewelry does not take a back seat to the clothing being shown for spring 2007. Rather than just complementing the clothing, it defines and accents the whole fashion look. And as in the fall season, if jewelry has not been an important part of your wardrobe, this will be the time to give it a try. Have fun, be expressive, and let your jewelry show your style!