Centre to Selvedge variation is a critical problem in open width fabric processing industry. Although this defects become visible after the dyeing operation, but all other sections are more or less responsible to create this problem in the industry. Here in this paper, different possibility of causes for centre to selvedge variation & how it can be controlled are discussed.

1.     Introduction

The popularity of continuous dyeing range increase day by day due to high productivity, uniformity of color & reproducibility of the shade although the capital investment is higher in case of continuous dyeing range. The main problem faced in continues dyeing range is centre to selvedge variation. Approximately 5-6% fabric are reprocessed / month to overcome this problem. Due to the reprocessing, the processing cost of fabric per meter increases.

Apparently it shows that the dyeing department is solely responsible for centre selvedge variation but if a detailed study is done then it is observed that from preparatory to weaving to finishing a proper check up system must prepared to eliminate this problem. A detail study is reported with their source.

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