Earlier men used to wear clothes just to cover their bare bodies. But now clothes serve different purposes. Certain clothes are worn to make a person look beautiful. Certain clothes are functional in nature and are worn to attain some or the other objective. For example, you get clothes that are anti bacterial, stain resistant, water repellent, and have other properties. Such functional clothes are many times expensive, as they are specially-made.

One such category of functional clothes is the kind of clothes that help in moisture management. It is easy to spot people soaked in sweat. Intense physical activity can lead to immense sweat which may not give you a good feeling altogether. Moisture management clothes helps in managing the sweat released by the body. These clothes can be made out of cotton, polyester, and many other materials.

Moisture management fabric is generally used to make sportswear. It is generally noticed that sportspersons make use of moisture management clothes. They sweat a lot during games owing to which they need to wear clothes accordingly. Moisture management helps in regulating the moisture content of the body. It thus prevents body odor and other health related problems. They are mostly light weight and stretchable which is necessary for active wear.

Sportspersons make use of this clothing for one more reason. It has been seen that sportswear improves performance. This is because this fabric releases the sweat outside which evaporates into the atmosphere. The garment does not remain wet unlike other clothing material. It keeps the body cool in heat and warm in cold. This ultimately helps in performance improvement as it helps in keeping them comfortable.

Technological innovations have taken place in large numbers in the world of clothing manufacture. Modern clothes are attractive as well as comfortable to wear. Moisture management clothes are the most fitted in this category of clothing. The wearer may not suffer from the problems of foul smelling odor and can always remain presentable. The wearer is always fresh which is also good for health in the long run.

Sportswear brands can be spotted in millions around the world. Adidas and Nike are the major manufacturers of sports garments in the world. They manufacture sports garments of international quality that generally manage moisture too. Nike's Dri-FIT garments are highly popular among athletes around the world owing to its comfortable fit and moisture wicking properties. Adidas's layering principle that draws moisture away from the skin is also popular.