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Today, India is at a critical juncture with all socio-economic as well as political ills engulfing the nation from almost all possible directions. Starting from a series of bribery scams that are being exposed, to our plummeting ranks in almost all economic indicators, everything corroborates the hope for the rise of a fourth front (considering the third front still exists and is potent) in the form of Arvind Kejriwal's political debut with India Against Corruption, along with an emerging coterie of social activists, who are gradually morphing the political landscape and are all collectively reshaping the political couture of the nation.

Without even an iota of apprehension, Kejriwal has been able to create a wave of passion and excitement among common Indians for a probable better political future. Through his campaign against political parties and leaders, he has been instrumental in giving a vent to the pent-up anger of the public against the corrupt, inefficient, and slothful political outfits. However, the top brass of such parties can get their feet wet and get away with it because even today, there is a dearth of intra-party democracy in almost all political parties in India.

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Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri is an Indian economist, author, and Honorary Director of the IIPM Think Tank. Also, a former advisor to the consultative committee of Planning Commission of India, he is a National Award-winning Film-Maker.