Fashion is a playground of paradox: creative and technical; art and profit; local and global. It throws a diverse set of people together to transform a creative vision into something tangible and profitable.

Unfortunately the people involved in apparel development often operate as islands. Cut off from the rest of the process, they throw their messages out to sea, hoping they make it to the right people intact. Inefficient systems and tools litter their workday and force them into tedious routines. Disconnected and overburdened, they work to do their best, but without being able to see beyond their own isolated shore, they aren't given a chance to contribute to their full potential. What if companies could build bridges between those islands?

And not just a bridge from one island to the next, but a system of bridges to form a strong, reinforced network and create community across development? Well they can. That's what it means to build collaboration into the heart of fashion development.

But What Is Collaboration Anyway?

Collaboration isn't something you do; it's something you achieve. If collaboration were a thread, it would be a three-ply formed with the strands people, tools, and process-the basic elements of product development.

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About the Author:

Anastasia Charbin is the Marketing Director of Fashion Division at Lectra.

About Lectra:

With nearly 40 years' experience in fashion and apparel, Lectra's mission is to provide a complete spectrum of design, development, and production solutions to confront 21st-century challenges. From first creative spark to final product, our professional services address an end-to-end process. To learn how our offer for design, development, and production can help you benefit from collaboration, please contact one of our global offices.