Pastand Present Of Hand Block Printing of Sanganer in Jaipur City of Rajasthan

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Theblock printing of Sanganer now termed as "heritage craft" has carved a name foritself and is valued for intricacy, detailing, delicacy and fineness. The paperdepicts the journey of Sanganer printing right from the inception to thepresent. Further the paper discusses the traditional aspects and modificationsmade as regards to designs, dyes, tools and techniques with the spinning wheelof time in the hand block printing of Sanganer.


Sanganeris situated 15 kilometers south west to Jaipur, once considered as outskirts,now it is a part of Jaipur and is well renowned for block printing. Hand blockprinting Industry from Sanganer enjoys the share of almost 15% with an exportof ` 100 crore in the ` 690 crore ofnational export market. The major destinations for export are USA, UK, France,Australia, Italy and Canada.

Thissector has a glorious history and the prints of this area had been a prizedpossession in the past and still continue to maintain the same kind of prestigein the global market. Almost three centuries earlier this process started as anart and artisan was valued for his skill and knowledge but with the advancementthe scenario changed. The paper depicts the history of the craft, the changesit underwent and the current status.

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About the Authors:

Ruby Jain and Meetu Rani Hada are associated with theDepartment of Home Science at the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.

This article wasoriginally published in the Textile Review magazine, December, 2012, publishedby Saket Projects Limited, Ahmedabad.