this study four variant of denim fabrics using three herbal extracts of Ricinus communis, Senna auriculata and Euphorbia hirta which were screened for their anti odor efficiency by finishing the methanol extracts of these herbs on the denim fabrics. Of these extracts and the condition 20kgf/cm2 Pressure, 20m/min rpm were followed by dip method. To enhance the durability of the finished fabric, wash durability test were performed and the results showed there was maximum absorbency and retentivity of anti odor finish in fabric sample D (100% cotton) when compared with other samples.


The textile industry is seeking innovative production techniques to improve the product quality. Society as well requires new finishing techniques with regard to the environmental aspect. Eco-friendly products refer to products and services that are made of chemical-free raw materials; the manufacturing of these products causes minimal harm to the environment. More and more people are going green and contributing in their own small ways to preserve nature and the beauty of the earth, as noted by

Today, denim culture is widely prominent in the tropical and sub tropical world. Denim does not mean jeans alone; it refers to a multitude of items in apparel accessories and embellishments. With the development of infinite possibilities of yarns, fabric, finishes, weaves, dyes, a wide range of denim fabrics can be manufactured to suit the varied taste of the consumer.

Textiles will have desirable aesthetic qualities if they can suppress odor causing bacteria and other types of odor causing micro-organisms. The hygiene and medical effectiveness of textiles is required to prevent the growth of dermatophytic fungi (those that cause skin diseases), pathogenic and potentially lethal micro-organisms on fibers and to prevent their infestation by insects.

The investigator considered all the above factors and selected the present study to satisfy the consumer by producing antiodor finish on denim fabric. With this objective, the following study was carried out.

To screen for the functional properties such as Anti odor from selected herbs:

  • To optimize the effective herbal combination of the functional property of the selected finishes

  • To finish the optimized herbal combination on the four selected denim fabrics

  • To evaluate the properties after and before wash of the finished fabrics

  • Anti odor evaluation on finished fabric