Designplays an intrinsic role in our daily lives. From the sale of footwear to atechno driven automobile, the essence of design is evident. The juxtapositionof design with an effective user centered approach is what the zeitgeist todaylooks forward to. The success of a product design is broadly dominated by userexperience. However, somewhere the products are way beyond in establishing thecontemporary dualism existing in the design and the emotion reflected. In thestrong emerging real vis- a- vis virtual techno sphere, where the user isconstantly interacting with highly refined and efficient products, subjectivityof engineered products is what determines the success and failure of a product.This paper focuses and illustrates few examples where design had mislaid leadsfor developing a successful product on emotional and experiential front. Thearticle concludes with the present role of designers in creating responsibleproducts with a more refined, positive, rich and meaningful experience.

Presentera of design is inclined towards user centered approach. With the advancementin technology designers are creating artifacts which can satisfy human or useremotions and needs. The concept of user-centered design has arguably given riseto one of the most fundamental changes in the field of design over the past fewdecades (Fulton Suri, 2003; Melican, 2004).

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This article was originally published in the Textile Review magazine,February, 2013, published by Saket Projects Limited, Ahmedabad.

Aboutthe Author:

Ms. Anu Sharma is an AssistantProfessor at the Department of Textile Design of National Institute of FashionTechnology, New Delhi