Textile crafts of India are well known around the world due to its variegated techniques of ornamentation which have been used since ages.Appliqu� and patchwork are such widely used techniques for decorating the fabric for various end uses. The craft being excellent example of recycling fabrics is often combined with embroidery and other ornamentation techniques to obtain a final decorative and functional artifact.India's diverse culture, climatic conditions and availability of the raw material are responsible for regional artefacts variegated in aesthetic as well as functional value.  An effort has been made to enlighten these regional styles of the craft around the country, its origin, utility,similarities and variations. Literature survey was conducted to understand the craft


India's centuries old tradition of ornamenting fabric has survived with the ravages oftime and preserved local crafts, which reflects ample testimony to this great culture. Changes with the time have not withered the beauty & dynamic diversity of India's traditional textile crafts. Stemming from centuries of exquisite craftsmanship, they are the colourful statement of the integral life force amongst an ancient people. Cross-cultural influences in religion andutilitarian trades have produced a range of gorgeous crafts that add colour and creativity to their lives.

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The article was originally presented at the UGC sponsored national seminar on " Dynamics of Craft Developments - Technopreneur Approach, 21-22nd December,2012.

About the Author:

Kruti Dholakia is an Asst. Professor in Textile Design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar.