Visual Merchandising Display by NIFT students

A visual merchandising display was created by students of the Department of Fashion Management Studies, NIFT Gandhinagar during their cultural festival Spectrum'2013. The students created the display as a part of their module on Brand and in-store communication. The subject is a part of the course curriculum of the students of Masters of Fashion Management. During the module the students were given inputs regarding faade, signages, store windows, in-store communication, circulation plans, planograms, principles of merchandise presentation, displays, budgeting, handling mannequins, space planning, fixtures, lighting, cross merchandising, colour blocking, tools to enhance impulse buying, exhibit and trade show design etc.

The display was put up as a part of the cultural festival, "Kutpulti" of the institute. The term Kut-putli symbolizes women who were treated as puppets or kathputlis earlier but who have now 'kut' (cut) the strings which control them. The display was created keeping in mind specific themes and product categories. Most of the display themes revolved around the central theme of the cultural festival. The major themes were Break Free, Mind Turners, The wild one, Valentine's Day, etc. and the product categories ranged from apparel and accessories to books and salon. The students explored various materials for display ranging from flex, bamboo, bricks, POP etc. Some of the displays were also created for specific brands and the brand's attributes were kept in mind while creating the display.

Theme: Break Free

Empowerment means to inspire women with the courage to break free from the chains of limiting beliefs, patterns and societal or religious conditions that have traditionally kept women suppressed and unable to realize their true beauty and power. This display was created for a casual wear brand. Bricks, tyres, bamboo etc. were the various material used for the display which reinforced the tough and outdoorsy image of the brand.

Theme: Mind Turners

Without books life of any being remains incomplete. Not just knowledge but books impart a life into every human. Just light and technology cannot enlighten a brain as much as books can. This display was created for books which act as mind turners. The backdrop was covered with pictures of legends for which books were the mind turners. The highlights of this display were the unique fixtures which showcased spectacles for display.

Theme: The wild one

This theme was created for a hypothetical brand Laura to promote a special range of animal prints merchandise. The students used humour as a tool to attract the viewers. The students used the tagline "If you cannot ride a jaguar, wear one."

Theme: Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day on the corner, a display was also designed especially promoting Valentine's Day Merchandise.

Theme: Aleya

Women Empowerment has been portrayed by liberated woman who gets wings of freedom. The students displayed garments created by them with jewellery. The display was created for the brand Aleya.

Brand: Elle

A display was created for a hypothetical Salon brand Elle. The display was unique in the sense that saloon brands normally do not come up with window displays.

About the Author:

Jagriti Mishra is the Subject Faculty & Assistant Professor at the NIFT in Gandhinagar.