The field of value added yarns has been profiting. Value added yarns are yarns which are given pre-programmed 'characters' at the spinning stage, electronically controlled and consequently 100 % reproducible. It is generated during the spinning process by controlling the yarn diameter (that is to say, the number of fibres in the cross-section) and the length structure of the yarn, by the effect forming devices. The intentional variations are introduced in a pre-determined way to get a control over the design of yarn. This pre-determined way is governed by fundamental requirements of the textile product.

Value added yarns are deployed by the designers to give products a natural, rustic and attractive appearance, in contrast to high quality yarns with absolutely regular yarn diameters. In spite of extensive use of these value added products the grouping of problems of such varieties are nearly in doubt. Up till now there were only some efforts to propose the ways for grouping of value added yarns and such investigation requires validity of suggestions. This document is dealing with different technologies use for value addition in spun yarns and their structural properties along with field of applications. Value addition in textile products is need of an hour in today's fashion world. This can be at fibre, yarn, fabric or processing stage.

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