This study was undertaken to study the occupational hazards and problems faced by workers; working in leather processing units of Jaj-mau, Kanpur. A descriptive research design was planned using survey and questionnaire method. Random sampling technique was adopted to select sample of 15 leather manufacturing units through lottery method, sample also included 75 workers.

The result highlighted the fact that detrimental work practices in leather processing units without the use of protective clothing resulted in various types of physical, chemical, ergonomic, biological problems. The major problem faced by workers was irritation in skin which comprised of dryness of skin,cracks, itching owning to the exposure of chemicals. Shoulder pain comprised of pain, stiffness, pain in hand and elbow due to the activity performed.


Leather has played an important role for the development of civilization. From a very older time men had used animal skin to satisfy their basic needs. They had used animal skin to make clothes to protect their body from cold days of winter and hot days of summer. Besides clothing they had used hides in making carpets,shelter, and decorative attire. Now a days leather is used to make hand-bags,key-chains, wallets, purses, passport-holders, jackets, belts, mobile-pouches,hats, shoes, chappals, briefcases etc.

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