Colorpsychology plays an important part in many aspects of life. It has so muchaffect on human thought process that color therapy has emerged as an importantbranch of medicine. When jersey colors are chosen in sports, care is given tothe right choice of color as it has been found that the jersey color has a deepeffect on the sports persons psychologically. Warm colors like red and orangemakes the athlete higher on energy by causing an excess of adrenalin rushthrough the blood streams.

Althoughcolored jerseys are not new for India, the thought behind effect of colors onthe athletes is a newer one in the country. Indian jerseys in various forms ofsports, Olympics and non-Olympics, have undergone several changes since theirinception in the early 20th century. This research study has beendone in an attempt to find out the logics and reasons for the choice ofspecific colors in Indian jerseys, the reasons for their variations and changesover age and finally, the psychological effect of the various colors on theIndian sports persons. May be, this can become a base for future medal hopes ofthe country by choosing the right colors and inciting the right emotions in theathlete, besides the hard training and diet.

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Aboutthe Author:

Mr.Pranay Gupta is a Freelance Designer in Lifestyle and Accessories and alumni ofNational Institute of Fashion Technology, Bhopal.

Mr. Arnab Sen is an AssistantProfessor in Textile Design at National Institute of Fashion Technology,Bhopal.