The History of Denims

Denim jeans woven by traditional American cotton textiles is the cloth with diagonal warp striped {blue or black} contrasting with undyed white threads to form a woven pattern. This cloth was mentioned as Hickory cloth. Hickory is a characteristic of rugged as it was made out of the nickname of RICHARD. Records of a group of Networkers headed for the California gold fields in 1849 revealed that they used along four hickory shirt pieces and this is used in fatigue pantaloons and shirts in the American Civil War.


The denim refers to a strong cotton twill textile material which is formed by the weft yarn passes under two or more warp yarns and the reverse of the denim fabric resembles like a diagonal ribbed structured fabric.

After weaving of the denim fabric, it must be treated mechanically and chemically to give it a correct dimensional stability, pleasant and soft handling in both warp and weft directions to prevent shrinkage in further washing and finishing. The denim garment washing and finishing mainly focuses on the importance of warp yarn.

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Mrs. Ayodya Kavitha and D. Ambika are associated with the University college of Technology, O.U at Hyderabad.