Just like the name suggests, resort wear is what one canindulge in while basking in the sun on the islands of Phuket or rendezvousingwith friends on a yacht party. Bid adieu to shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops toembrace the stylish trend of resort wear and stay fashionable even while one ismerry making. The feel, look, and the attitude of the resort wear is lazy, fun,and relaxing, just what one would want while unwinding. The fabrics are free ofall the fuss and stay wrinkle-free. This international trend hit the runway andlanded in India in the year 2011 with much grandeur. Designers like ManishMalhotra and Shivan-Naresh displayed chic, playful and elegant lookinggarments.

Resort wear is not just beach wear. Kaftans, jump-suits,colorful pajamas, neon pants, quirky printed shirts, sheer tops, flowing gowns,and Sari bikinis are a few options to pick from. This concept is however newand catching up among the Indian consumers. People like to go on a shoppingspree before they head out on a vacation, and look their best even while theyare letting their hair down.

India, being a warm country, makes it perfect to opt forresort wear that can be pulled off year long, and not just limiting it to thepurpose of vacationing only. Resort wear syncs well with the hot weatherconditions that prevail in most parts of India. With urban and young Indianconsumers acknowledging the trend gladly, international brands are looking intoentering into this niche market soon. This certainly proves that India is a growingmarket as far as resort wear is concerned.

Internationally, designers have labeled resort wear ascruise, holiday, pre-summer or pre-spring collections. The Resort wear issqueezed in between the autumn/winter and the spring/summer collections. In 1930'sthe resort wear or cruise wear was confined to the elites and for the wellheeled. Affluent clients who spent their time cruising or soaking the sun inthe Mediterranean, post Christmas or New Year's Eve, initially gave rise tothis genre of clothing. Bathing suits, kimonos, pajamas, and floppy hatsconstituted the early trends. Designers like Lilly Pulitzer, Coco Chanel, andElsa Schiaparelli were instrumental in popularizing the trend. The 1950's sawthe era of bikinis in resort wear being a huge rage.

Unlike then, resort wear is not just limited to a wealthyclientele anymore. Designers like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and MichaelKors have made resort wear an easy to wear day to day clothing.

Few trends in resort wear have remained evergreen andtimeless. For example cotton, poplin, silk, and linens have been the choices offabrics for clothes in resort wear. These garments are high on comfort, luggagefriendly and dry easily. Sheer tops for women and linen pants for men havealways remained favorites for resort wear.

The men's clothing consists of cotton or linen boardshorts, light weight dress pants, collared shirts for the breezy mornings, andelevate the look with a sports jacket for the evening. Hawaiian or pastelcolored shirts and boat shoes are perfect choices while vacationing too. Women'sclothing for the resort wear constitute of neutral colors combined with a dashof pop, dresses or tops in native and tribal prints, playsuits, and stripes areinfluencing this seasons resort wear. Oversized hats, funky sunglasses and opentoes shoes elevate the holiday look. During the day, jump suits, flirty tunics,colorful chinos look flattering. While long gowns, chiffon shirts along withlinen trousers and Kaftans own the night.


The resort collection is also working wonders for designers. It does more than just acting as a filler between the winter and summer collections. Designers are always looking for new markets and market segments. The desire for giving their customers something new has given rise to coming up with a whole new collection of holiday wear every year. Resort wear collection is the longest lasting i.e. from November to May, which is why a season inspired by leisure time, is given an independent focus by the designers world-wide.

The resort wear also allows designers to experiment and come out with refreshing and newer ideas, which are also wearable. Resort wear is a platform for designers to parade their creativity and provide customers an assortment of traveling cum vacationing clothes. Renowned designer Jason Wu, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, quoted," The numbers (sale of his resort wear collection) are just as great as the main seasons". Resort wear is thus, synonymous to making big business even with designers.

Whether one is going on a holiday or wants to stock their wardrobe for in-between times of the year, resort wear provides ample variety and choices without burning a hole in the pocket to consumers.


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