With Online shopping becoming more popular everywhere across the globe, the brick and mortar stores are soon going to be pass�. A wide variety of options and multiple sizes are available to shoppers, which has primarily increased the traffic on web stores.


The convenience, speedy processing of an order and the ease of sitting anywhere in the world, and being able to buy is fuelling this emerging trend.


https://static.fibre2fashion.com/articleresources/images/70/6903/1_files/image001.jpgOnline shopping relieves the shopper from the stress of waiting in lines, running to stores on the day of a sale, and standing in a long queue to pay bills. The facilities of exchanging, returning, free shipping, and Cash on delivery options, have made the online fashion buying trend so much more sorted and simpler.


The low cost online set up and wide audience reach, is drawing small and large companies towards online selling. What besides this is pulling people to fill in their virtual shopping carts and increase their appetite for online shopping?


Retailers are coming up with new and creative ways of selling like web only exclusives, which means special discounts for online shoppers only, and giving out online coupons to avail further discounts. Constant updates on daily deals and sales alerts for subscribed shoppers, also keep shoppers interested in the online fashion scene. Customers can also rate and rank products online.


Making the showroom experience available online, are the virtual trial rooms that are the one stop solution to the worries, of fitting, and looking good issues of shoppers. These virtual fitting rooms have advanced features like avoiding glasses, throwing your hair back, and even trying hairstyles to match your dress, and enhancing the whole shopping experience. Many brands have already launched this feature and are making the most out of it.


Online shoppers can also upload videos, wearing and flaunting their new clothes on retail sites, making it an instant hit with fashionistas around the globe. Big luxury fashion brands are going out of their way to give the best of online shopping experience to their customers. Net-a-porter, a well known brand for luxury goods online teamed up with Alexander McQueen, to create a private runway show, exclusively for pre-registered shoppers, to be streamed online, and an opportunity to purchase eight looks of the collection, which normally would reach physical stores a few months later.


Specially designed and focused search engines have made it possible, to compare prices from various retailers of a particular product. They also provide for a feature, where you can upload a picture of a dress, and the site automatically scouts for online options, where a similar dress can be bought, and prices can be compared. This concept can be further availed by fashion shoppers on their mobile phones with Mobile Apps. These weapons have made online shopping smarter and faster, and have provided all the required information on the finger tips, to the coming of the age shopper.