Thereare numerous apparel lines launched by famous celebrities and even realitystars in today's fashion world. Also many celebrities are riding high as theyhave achieved success with their apparel lines. Their clothing line has beenliked by people around the world and hence they have become popular apparelbrands.

Itis an evident fact that fashion apparel is a lucrative business, as we can seemore and more celebrities coming up with their apparel lines. Hence, we canexpect many more celebrity fashion lines coming up in the future. Most of thetimes, it is not the hard work they put in designing the clothes that givesthem popularity. Some celebrities work to create their unique design and stylewhereas others have just started their own brand and both have tasted success.

Somecelebrity apparel lines have earned plenty of profits while some are just doingan average business. One of the biggest reasons for the success of celebritylines is the person who is launching it. It is obvious that if a celebritylaunches his/her own line, they just have to promote it at few places and therest is taken care by the media who leave no stone unturned to propagate aboutthe celebrity's brand.

Beinga world famous face, it is easy to get publicity for their apparel brand.Secondly, every celebrity will have their fans all over the world, who willdefinitely buy their favorite star's apparels which raises their sales. It iseasy for celebrities to start a fashion trend. All they need to do is startdressing in a particular way and the world will follow.

Therehave been many instances where celebrities have introduced a particular trendin their clothing lines and their fans have just loved it. Like successfulrappers have launched street fashion in their clothing line and the young boyswho like their music purchase the clothes just to look like them. This meansthe celebrities already have audiences ready to buy their apparels.

Whencelebrity endorses a particular style, many people are attracted specially theyounger section. This is evident from the apparel brands of Justin Timberlake,Jay-Z, Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham etc. As their high profile livesalways keep them in news, so do their apparel brands which get free publicityin the fashion world.

Welive in an age where celebrities have a significant influence over people.Everyday their photos are in the newspapers, magazines and they can be seen ontelevision. Hence, their impact is fresh in the minds of the people. If acelebrity wears a designer's collection on a red carpet event, his collectiongets noticed and appreciated. It enhances the credibility of a designer. Suchis the impact of the star power.

Hence,the celebrities try their hands as a fashion designer and there are manyapparel lines that are popular due to the celebrity status. However, there aresome celeb designers who are dedicated to their apparel line and have stood outwith their designing abilities. Like Victoria Beckham who started her apparelline which was an instant hit.

Even though her clothesare pretty expensive but have received great reviews from the fashion world.Her clothing line sale is estimated to be worth $95 million. Moreover, thefashion experts have even said that her clothes will be sold not because of hercelebrity status but purely on basis of the classiness of designs, cut, andfit.

Another example of successful celebrity apparel line is of Jessica Simpson whose fashion line earned a whooping $1 billion. She is not known as the best actress but she has topped in the celebrity fashion lines. Apart from shoes, apparel, accessories and perfumes, she has currently entered into diamond jewelry business. Her fashion line is an affordable one for fashionable girls to follow.

Furthermore, we have Mary-Kate and Ashley Oslen who have their unique and artistic twin's style. They started with children's apparel line in 2004 and succeeded before stepping into the high fashion field. Their brand 'The Row' once again proved to be successful and the twins have estimated sales of more than $1 billion.

Gwen Stefani is next celebrity who launched her L.A.M.B apparel line and wanted people to buy her clothes not because of her name but only on the worthiness of her apparels. Her brand showed her bold, edgy and diverse styles in fashion and has been appreciated by the fashion critics. She has a successful line which has bags, shoes, and perfumes which earns her a reported $90 million a year.

With these few examples where celebrities have worn a designer's cap is worth applauding. Their brands are popular because of their work and not their status. However for a fashion designer who have studied fashion designing for years and is striving to make a mark in the fashion industry, would be upset to see a celebrity with no knowledge of fashion designing showcasing his/her line in the Paris Fashion Week.

There are other popular and successful celebrity apparel lines that have not only turned the cash counters ringing but also are known for sophisticated and unique style they bring through their clothing lines. Being a successful rapper, Jay-Z entered the fashion world with his unique street style collection. He very well knew that his fans would instantly buy his clothes.

His apparel line 'Rocawear' is one of the most popular urban lifestyle apparel line and has a sales over $700 million. Other celebrities who rank in the top ten successful apparel lines are Justin Timberlake, Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe, P. Diddy and Kimora Lee Simmons. However, there are few celebrities whose apparel lines have not become popular as their counterparts.

The world is crazy about celebrities and they of course know to cash their popular faces by launching their fashion lines. The celebrities know they are popular and have multitude of fans who are their potential customers. They are well aware that their ardent fans will definitely copy their style which makes their clothing lines successful as well as popular.







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