Home textiles can instantly attract one with its style, color, and variety. It adds a touch of one's individuality to the ambience of one's home, and makes one feel warm and comfortable. Today, innovative home textile products have been introduced which have amazing features, utility, and gives utmost comfort to the user. These home décor furnishings, accessories, and fabrics together make a house, a home.

At present, one can find variety of innovative home décor textiles to suit ones preferences and mood. A soft and warm blanket or a teddy bear can make one feel very cozy after a long tiring day. It is the intrinsic quality of that fabric that makes one feel so relaxed and comfortable. If the right textiles are used for home furnishings, it can restore the warmth, and are available in various colors, likable prints, quality, and fabrics.

Whether it's a soft velvet or shiny silk material, fabrics for home furnishing gives joy to the eyes. One should not neglect the physical joy and a little luxury that these textiles bring to our lives, when considering the options for home décor. However, selecting the right textile to decorate different areas of the home which will portray one's style and also look hospitable is a task.

Talking about innovative home textiles, one cannot miss to mention about smart carpets. Carpets give warmth and comfort to us but gradually it also attracts dirt and odor. With the new technology, carpets are produced that can counteract bad odors before they permanently settle in the carpet. This magic carpet has chemical components that absorbs bad smell and counterbalance the odor. Besides neutralizing the odor, it is easy to clean and is durable too. Also, cleaning the carpet does not reduce or remove its odor reducing properties.

Moreover, nowadays there are many novel curtains available in the market. Like solar curtains, magnetic curtains, automated curtains. For people who want the heat of the sun to remain out of the room at the same time using the solar energy, solar curtains are good options. It does not block the outside view and keeps heat out of the room. These curtains are translucent, flexible and use sunlight as electricity. They have solar panels on the roof that can turn the heat into energy to power the air-conditioner in the room.

Magnetic curtains are created by modern interior designers. It can take any shape or form and stay the way one wants. This is because it has innumerable small magnets on its surface. The magnets are integrated is such a way that it can stay in the shape; one push or pulls. Since, it can take any shape; it is very flexible and adjustable. They are durable and do not particularly need maintenance. And the best part is, it goes well with modern as well as traditional home décor.