Inventory Management when implemented correctly, saves your company time and money! Keep track of your company's products and materials and know not only exactly what you have, but exactly where it is, how old it is, how much you paid for it, where it came from, where it is going and more.

Inventory Management is an ongoing process of keeping track of everything needed to run your operation and keep it running. Proper Inventory Management will keep your business flowing from the time an order is placed right down to the point your product gets into your customer's hands. Track your materials, your products during manufacturing, your ready to ship products, and your products in transit and on store shelves.

With today's technology this can be accomplished right from your desk! No need to go out and count everything anymore! Today we have bar code scanners to read labels on boxes of supplies and finished products. We have RFID Tags to track our products, shipments, supplies, orders in transit and more. This new technology allows us to even know where the final product ends up right down to the street and house number where the final user resides!

RFID is playing a bigger and bigger part in today's Inventory Management. From drug stores, retail outlets, libraries, and even credit cards to name a few, this RFID technology will soon be used to track people with their diver's licenses! RFID Tags are found in almost every product already and more products every day are using RFID Tags and RFID Readers. These RFID Readers are hooked up to Inventory Management Software that allows the user to track it during every step of the manufacturing process and depending on the method of delivery, tracks it to the end user.

Today's Supply Chain Inventory Management Software is just incredible with everything it can do! What i huge time saver and asset for businesses. Microsoft is even getting in on it with their Great Plains Inventory Management Division. They strive to give companies the best possible Inventory Control along with real time Inventory Information. This helps to reduce the cost of doing business and saves companies time and money. The Inventory Management Software in use today does several important things. It prepares invoices, keeps an up to date database of your clients, automatically reorders stock (if desired), maintains the balances of your inventory and many more crucial time saving functions.

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