People need & use some sort of communicative means to depict themselves, their dreams, schemes, hopes, fears & love, which is impossible without words. Art is expression of peoples sensitivity. The importance of art reside in the fact that it creates form of artistic expression which reveals psychology, moral values & customs of rural society from which it emerges especially for those who have little or no artistic training & use established techniques & styles of particular region or culture.


Madhubani art is the traditional art of symbolism, simplicity and beauty. Originated in the tiny hamlet of Mithila region, in Bihar state, it is practices in the villages of the district of Madhubani which has a long association with history. The sacred and divine art was exclusive domain of native women of the house which was practiced on freshly plastered or mud walls in natural dyes during festivals, religious events and other milestones of life-cycle like birth and marriage. The art is passed on from women to women over generations. The images are normally figures of deities, celestial bodies, wedding scenes, excerpts from mythological happenings with intricate floral, animal and bird motifs.


Dr. Madhu Sharan is Associate Professor at the M.S.University of Baroda.


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