Have you ever wanted to make hand knitted clothes, but don't know how or what you need? Have you ever desired a hand knitted sweater, for the cold winter months? Well after reading this you will discover how easy knitting really is. You will be able to create wonderful, cute, sexy hand knitted clothes that you can wear in any occasion.

The first step to creating hand knitted clothes is to get your supplies. First you will need some knitting needles, preferably size eight or nine, they are the most easy to use. You also will need some yarn, worsted-weight yarn is the type of yarn you should use, a darning needle is needed for weaving in ends and a crochet hook is used to pick up dropped stitches, but is optional. You will also need an instruction booklet with different patterns. After you pick the pattern, you are ready to learn how to knit.

When creating a hand knitted clothes you need to start with your knitting needle and your yarn. You need to make a slip knot on the shaft of one needle, this is your first stitch. Next you need to put that needle in your left hand, right hand if youre left-handed, hold another needle in your right hand so that you have total control of the yarn. Now you need to insert the point of the right needle, from the front to back, into the slipknot under the left needle. Now you need to hold left needle still in left hand, and move left fingers over to brace right needle. And then with right index finger, pick up the yarn from the ball. Then you need to release right hands grip on the needle, and use index finger to bring yarn under and over the point of right needle. You now need to return your right fingers to the right needle, and draw yarn through stitch with point of the right needle.

You are now on your way to making your very own hand knitted sweater or other piece of clothing. You now need to slide point of left needle into back of new stitch, then remove right needle. Go ahead and pull the ball of yarn gently to make the stitch fit snuggly on needle, then insert the point of the right needle, from front to back, into the stitch just made, and under left needle. You now need to repeat from second to last sentence in the last paragraph until this step, the number of times your patterns says to complete your cast-on row.

You are now going to start your first row. Hold the needle with stitches in your left hand; insert point of right needle in first stitch, from front to back, and then with your right index finger, bring yarn from ball under and over point of right needle. Draw yarn through stitch with right needle point, and slip loop on left needle off, so new stitch is entirely on right needle. Repeat everything in this paragraph until the last stitch is worked. Keep repeating the steps in this paragraph to make more and more rows. You are now on your way to hand knitting an article of clothing or something else of your own choice.

You are now knitting, congratulations. You will soon have your own hand knitted piece, that you created yourself. If you are having trouble there are many websites and help groups that can assist you. You can now say that you are a knitter.

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