In the recent times, the meaning of lingerie has changed from basic piece of innerwear to attractive, stylish, innovative and functional wear for women all over the world. The intimate apparel industry is showing an upward trend globally. Moreover, there are various machines used in making these fashionable pieces of innerwear. Advanced and modern lingerie making machines have improved and eased the production process of intimate apparels.

The global innerwear industry is worth over $30 billion, and this market includes range of lingerie and intimate clothing. One can find fashionable and innovative lingerie today, thanks to the latest lingerie making machines which has made this possible. Countries leading in lingerie making machines are offering many sophisticated machineries.

To begin with is the newly developed 'Bra ring machine' which practically needs no manual intrusion. It can produce at a speed of 45-90 pieces/minute. Moreover, the bra machine is specially designed to apply paint to bra ring ends. The feeding length and radius of the ring is easily adjustable.

The machine automatically carries out heating, moving, solidifying and staining paint work. Also, it automatically separates and clamps the bra rings. The final ring produced has round head with good elasticity. Next is the 'Bra wires bending & cutting machine'. This machine is easy to operate and adjust to the requirements. Different arcs and shapes of bra wires are made using this machine.

The bra wires can be made from different materials, designs and colors according to one's choice. Also, if a customer asks to make a specific design it can be made by the machine. Another in the line is the 'Fabric bra cup molding machine'. This machine is best for molding various types of fabric bra cups by bullet head moulds thermal pressing.

The machine heats up evenly and quickly with high rate of production efficiency. The bullet head can be adjusted according to the different needs of the customer. The operation of the machine is easy and is time saving and gives accurate results. Further, safety measures during production process are taken care of, as buttons are controlled by both hands.

The ultrasonic bra strap welding machine uses seamless sewing technology. It uses wireless welding for shoulder straps which results into smooth joints and the patterns are neat and beautiful. Moreover, the structure is strong and firm, and its effectiveness is much better than the traditional cable stitch method.

The other machines used for lingerie making is the lockstitch machine, overlocker machine, three point stitch machine, underwear pattern cutting machine, etc. The lockstitch machine is used for straight stitch on almost all the clothing. The overlocker machine has a blade that cuts the fabric edges while it is being stitched, and the three point stitch machine is used to sew in elastics especially on lingerie.

The zig-zag stitch ensures that elastic remains stretchy which is important for lingerie. The underwear pattern cutting machine cuts different patterns with high speed and accuracy. According to the reports, the nightwear and lingerie market is expected to grow to $70 billion by 2015. The factors responsible for this growth are new fabric innovations; improved machineries with electronic knitting machines have increased the productivity and have replaced conventional mechanical machines.

Speaking about the latest developments in lingerie making machines, Japan has come up with an innovative and unusual vending machine technology. It has introduced a 'bra dispensing vending machine' in a Tokyo store. The vending machine displays a size chart and offers variety of colored bras. The benefit of the vending machine is that one can quickly buy a bra without revealing one's bra size to the shop staff.

Advanced machineries have given birth to innovative lingerie. An LED bra has been introduced in US which is currently the trendiest lingerie available in the market. These bras are made using electroluminescent wires interweaved on the bra. Three engineering students in India have developed a novel and socially responsible lingerie which is called "anti-rape" lingerie.

This high-tech garment is smartly designed to give electric shocks to the attacker. A girl wearing the garment can turn the switch on when she feels she is in danger. When the garment is in 'on' mode the sensors can detect any unwanted force and will immediately alert the police.

Seamless underwear knitting machines are manufactured in China. This machine is suitable for knitting all kinds of lingerie, sportswear, coat, etc. The machine is popular as it is specially designed machine, which turns yarns and fibers into clothing through a computer process.

With this special feature of one-time knitting, it saves the overall time of knitting yarns into final clothing. It is suitable for cotton, wool yarns, acetyl fiber, lycra composite yarn, blend yarns, etc. Latest technology has been used in designing the machine. It is automatic, reliable and works intelligently.

Germany is renowned for its textile machineries in the world. Manufacturers of wrap knitting machines in Germany have come up with new machine that produce seamless lingerie. The best selling machine is the 'double needle bar raschel machine' which has remarkable features, designed with advanced technology. Further, they have developed another advanced model of "seamless smart" machine which has been introduced in the international market in September 2013.

This new machine gives optimum performance at low cost and unbeatable quality. Italy, Japan and China are also leading manufacturers of lingerie making machines in the world. France takes the 3rd position among the top textile machinery exporters in European Union. The fourth and fifth position is secured by Japan and Switzerland.

Another impressive model under 'multibar raschel machine' category has been introduced, which makes bra and briefs with abstract flower designs and graphic patterns. This multibar raschel machine can adjust to different levels of elasticity required by the garment to ensure that it perfectly fits the body and gives the required support.

The machine produces a sheet of fabric that includes all the contours of the lingerie. The technical features of the machine are responsible for making all the functions work to give optimum results. With such amazing attributes, it is one of the fastest machines available to produce patterned stretch and non-stretch lace.

Today, the lingerie making machines have advanced greatly compared to the traditional machines. Machineries equipped with latest technology have not only increased production and quality of the innerwear, but have offered people, the most comfortable and innovative pieces of lingerie. Considering the development in the field of lingerie making machines, one can expect more amazing machineries making novel lingerie in the future.










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