Usage of salt in textiles is an interesting topic in textile processing & dyeing. The textile substrate & dye molecule, not necessarily should have homogeneous characteristics to combine with each other. In such case, we require some catalyst to facilitate dyeing action on fabric. Salt plays this crucial role of catalyst. Salt has high affinity for water.

Glauber's salt is a common name for sodium sulfate decahydrate, Na2SO410H2O; it occurs as white or colorless monoclinic crystals. Upon exposure to fairly dry air it effloresces, forming powdery anhydrous sodium sulfate. Johann Glauber's was the first to produce the salt (from Hungarian spring waters). The naturally occurring salt is called mirabilite. Glauber's salt is water soluble, has a salty, bitter taste, and is sometimes used in medicine as a mild laxative; it is also used in dyeing.

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