"Dressing is a Way of Life: YSL"

With the above quote in mind, we have trendy fashion and fashionable clothes available for both for Men and Women, then why should the Kids be far behind? Life is to be enjoyed and it definitely is too short to dress up in boring, and uninteresting clothes. For kids even more, because they outgrow their sizes in leaps and bounds. In the eighteenth century, children's clothing underwent a gradual evolution from constricting garments patterned after those worn by adults to apparel designed specifically for them.

In the present times, the kids have all clothing options like that of adults, and even much more. They are much more aware than the previous generations, and like to make their shopping decisions for styling by themselves. Excessive exposure to the plethora of brands and the latest fashion trends, kids of today have become brand conscious. And expectedly the trend first started in Hollywood for example the fashionable Suri Cruise.

Today's parents are happy to overindulge in keeping their kids stylish, and chic. This flaw has been well realized by the fashion retailers. They are well aware of this metamorphosis of children; their near magnetic attraction to wards prominent brands. Today's kids are consumers who guarantee a purchase and are mostly independent buyers. With nuclear family where both the parents are working, there is enough of disposable income, to splurge on branded merchandise which might be over priced irrespective of the quality that it is offering.

It is estimated by market studies that this segment of kids wear is going to be the fastest growing segment and till 2016 it will maintain an average of 13 percent growth. Increasing media awareness, growing amount of disposable income due to double income families, and growing brand consciousness among kids are the major accelerators in the market for kidswear.

Earlier, children's garments were purchased from local stores, and neighborhood shops based on the convenience factor. Branded clothing was only bought by affluent people. This trend is evolving gradually into a market where branded clothing holds the top most position. Along with it, shopping and purchasing methods are also going through extensive changes. The initiation of e-commerce in India has created an outburst of online shopping websites bringing trendy clothes even more accessible to everyone.

 On the basis of Utility, Kidswear can be classified as:

  •         Dressy or Practical
  •         Upscale (Expensive) / Price Conscious.