The fashion industry around the world generates more than a trillion dollars annually. It is a well-known fact that textile industry is one of the most polluted industries in the world. Therefore, by making the right choice in the methods of production and sales and what one prefers to wear, we can enormously impact the society and the environment in a favorable way. The future of fashion calls for sustainability.

Currently, one can see a depressing situation in the textile industry as far as textile pollution is concerned. However, the future of fashion is not as bleak as it may seem. Today, big clothing and footwear brands are showing the world, how fashion can be made sustainable and successful.

With increasing number of consumers becoming eco-friendly; fashion designers and clothing brands taking responsibility of saving the environment and advancement on the technology front, all together is contributing towards making fashion sustainable.

Style has always remained the most important factor in the fashion industry. Hence, ethical designers and clothing manufacturers must keep this in mind while coming up with their new collection, to make sustainability a stylish trend. If the fashion industry wants to become economically sustainable, then it first needs to become socially and environmentally sustainable.

The fashion industry depends heavily on natural resources. Its requirement of natural resources for fibre production is around 132 million tons of coal and around 6-9 trillion litres of water every year. Besides, textile waste continues to grow at an alarming rate. This will have a severe environmental impact that calls for urgent and comprehensive global action plan. In this action plan, fashion designers and clothing manufacturers have a crucial role to play.

The design and fabric decisions are responsible for 80-90% of environmental and economical impact. These scenarios push everyone in the fashion and textile industry to look beyond the short term goals and collectively work to build a sustainable future. Companies need to discover new ideas to sustain in a situation with lesser availability of natural resources. Thoughtful research is required to attain the right solutions to the most important issue- sustainability.

To create sustainable fashion, the designers are creating clothing with minimal textile waste. There are organizations that aim to provide knowledge about new developed sustainable fabrics, how they are useful, act as marketing platform for suppliers of fabrics and displaying products to members of textile and fashion industry by organizing fairs and exhibition.

The Future fabrics Expo is one such effort of an organization that concentrates on the fashion industry and ways to minimize its environmental impact through novel ideas, and bring change in the working of the fashion industry. It also promotes new and saleable fibres, fabrics and products that adhere to the principles of sustainability.