Although the Textile was the second basic need in its origin today it has become indispensable ingredient of many of the secondary needs of human. In its purest form initially the textile was used to cover the human body to protect from environmental change and also to become social. Gradually inquisitive nature of human diversified many things within and with the textiles. Within the Textiles, creation of new designs with different color combinations and different textures came into existence. One of the interesting techniques in textile, "IKKAT (yarn tie-dye)" created a classic form of fine crafts within the textiles. Since many centuries the IKKAT designs has occupied a prominent place in the fashion world.

IKKATS are often symbols of status, wealth, power and prestige. Perhaps because of the difficulty and time required to make IKKATS, some cultures believe the cloth is imbued with magical powers. If it is not impossible but it is too difficult to confirm where the IKKAT technique first originated. But there is certain footprint that the technique of IKKAT was still before 12th century in Orissa.

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