Deploying advanced technology in view of improving the cost of production and achieve better results is a way of working in textile sector. Procedures like dyeing that were considered tedious and still didn't give impressive results have been transformed for better with the help of technology. The machines aim at energy-saving and promote environmental friendly dyeing process. Today there are package dyeing machines which are the most popular and widely used machines around the world for the purpose of dyeing almost all type of yarns. These machines are economical, automatic and give accurate dyeing results.

In the package machines yarn dyeing is done at high temperature and under high pressure (HTHP). There are horizontal high temperature machines, which have dyeing carriers with vertical spindles, which are placed into the machine with the help of trolleys. These machines are erected at the ground level and hence do not need an elevated platform, thus making the dye house design and layout simple.

Apart from horizontal, tubular high temperature high pressure dyeing machines are also available. These machines have single or several tubes that act as small dyeing vessels, each with an individual spindle. These machines can be operated either with fully loaded tubes or partial loads by using dummies. Since all individual tubes in a machine are connected and serviced by a main pump, therefore it is easy also viable to control as many tubes as required and tubes can also be disconnecting if required. High temperature (HT) softflow /overflow dyeing machines are also available in the market.

The HT softflow /overflow dyeing machines are popular high temperature dyeing machines, especially for dyeing polyester and its blends that is being used by large number of manufacturers.

The advantages of high temperature machines are visible to the manufacturers everywhere in the world, so the main intend of the textile sector is to save energy by employing these machines for the process of dyeing. Countries including India, China, Hong Kong etc. are manufacturing and exporting the high temperature dyeing machines to various parts of the world. The research and development with regard to HT machines has resulted in new generation of high temperature machines that are not only viable and efficient, but also conserve energy. The technical developments have ensured that the high temperature dyeing machines are highly sophisticated with easy operability, perfect control and automation. This has ensured that the HT machines are being increasingly used for the purpose of dyeing.

The overall sale graph of high temperature dyeing machines has also shown an upward trend. There are HT machines available that offer liquor ratio as low as 1:4. The quality of dyeing the yarn has significantly improved with these machines; also so many resources are saved in form of water, electricity, money and time. These machines are designed to shorten the lengthy process of dyeing yarns like cotton. The modern HT machines are compressed to ensure that they do not occupy too much space like their traditional counterparts.