The recently concluded Milan Fashion Week and London Fashion Week have sprung an array of fresh and new trends to be adorned in the Spring/Summer of twenty fifteen. The fashion forecasting for each season brings in information used by merchandisers, retailers, buyers, and designers to get a heads up with what will be trending and what will not and to gear up for the upcoming season. An overview of the patterns, shades or colors, fabrics, and graphics and inspirations that will be popular for the Spring Summer of 2015 are as follows.

The four key looks to be coming up and will be calling out the fashion cards are Thrift shop, Artisanal, New age Pop, and Streamline. A closer encounter with these looks will provide an insight into what to expect from Spring Summer fashion in 2015. The thrift shop look is the biggest highlight for the spring 2015. It is essentially a blend of vintage subdued color palettes and kitschy burst of colors in the form of conversational prints. The fabrics used to present the color riot of this look are crisp poplin, French terry, charmeuse, and suede. Animal prints and cat and bird prints will be seen on coats, full dresses, skirts, and tops.

The Artisanal theme is all about pretty looking colors and a play of geometric prints to create a high and impactful visual appeal. Embellishments, applique, crafts, and floral prints in 3D are essentials of this look to get peppy for the spring of summer 2015. Folk and artisanal prints, repeated geometrics, embroidery, and flora and fauna prints can seens on boxy shirts, mini-skirts, tunics, and shift dresses. The accessories for spring summer 2015 will find fringes and tassels as decorative materials. Fabrics used for this folk look are eyelet, suede, leather, jacquard, and laces.

Another key trend which revives itself year after year to find a place in the fashion sphere is the pop art. But for the spring summer trends of 2015, the pop art is more surreal with unlikely designs and unusual juxtaposition. The colors are bright and perky with funky prints in a combination of shiny yellow, green, gold, and tangerine. The fabrics of choice to bring in such bold colors and eye popping designs are nylons, double knit jerseys, satin, jacquards, and single jerseys. Clothing items endorsing the Avant pop look for the summer would be crop tops, boxy jackets, and criss-cross tops.

Streamline is a subtle take to the Spring Summer fashion in 2015. The look resembles the art of minimalism and consists of patterns that are sophisticated, modern, and simple. The attitude is sporty and more relaxed. Soft muted tones, muted stripes and animal prints in light shades will be the kind of designs used for the streamlined look. Nylon, mesh, cotton, organza and sheer fabrics will be used to get the streamlined look.


The colors for menswear for spring summer 2015 are masculine hues of brown, blue, and vineyard along with some saturated pastels and bright colors. The shades of chocolate and hazelnut were seen a; across collections of designer brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Canali, and Prada. Outerwear knits, and even tailored men's clothing witnessed earthy browns and under toned reds. The beautiful sage green along with uniform inspired styles and utilitarian silhouettes was seen dominating the major

fashion weeks showcasing the spring summer collections for Menswear. Moss green and shades of olive green gave a washed out look to welcome the summers with relaxed fits and techie edge to the garments.

The classic shades of blue like indigo, navy blue, inky hues with a tint of purple will dominate the formal clothing for Men. Monochrome suits in a hue of indigo will be the most sought after trend even in 2015. While steel blue and greyish blue will be seen in more casual clothing for Men in fabrics like cotton poplin, silk and nylon. Wine and hues of claret are colors that will be seen in men's coats and jackets for the spring summer 2015. The spring summer of 2015 is also the year of prints in men's fashion. Polka dots, plaids, tartans, and florals are a few prints that will hit the stores. Some items like chino shorts and sweatshirts will be garments in demand.


There are some unique trends to the Women swear for spring summer 2015. The cubist theme strongly backed by collections presented in Fashion Weeks by labels like Fendi, Helmut Lang, and Yizal Azrouel will be a new trend to watch out for. The look encompasses the monochromatic theme with geometric prints and patch work patterns. See through fabrics like organza in asymmetric silhouettes and with laser cut patterns are the highlights of this look. Another popular theme shaping the spring summer 2015 fashion in womenswear is the sporty chic category. Athletic references were seen in collections of Donna Karen, Tommy Hilfiger, Sacai, and Gucci. Key items that will be emerging as a result of the sportswear influence are bomber jackets, varsity numbered tops, zippers, track pants, and shorts.

The spring summer 2015 has a lot of interesting trends to indulge in and to look forward to in both menswear and womenswear.