Some garment pieces in wardrobe are forever these important pieces of clothing speak volumes about the choice, comfort and preference of an individual. Swimwear is one such clothing that gives character to the entire wardrobe. No matter what the occasion, a swimming costume can always serve its purpose, which is to infuse any event with fun and frolic. It could easily be said that swimwear is the single most important piece of clothing that has seen continuous revival for comfort of the wearer. Today there is a score of swimming dress available under luxury brands. The details, ideas and designs make these swimwear items exclusive and elite!

The global swimwear industry has become worth more than $ 13.25 billion and it is estimated that on an average an American woman alone owns four swimsuits. The swimwear market in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and United Kingdom has also expanded for better. The styles available under high end brands are great with hand embroidered features, luxury beading, hardware features, and so much more. In fact, most of the designers working to make the perfect luxury swimwear believe that engineering a tiny swimsuit is more complicated than designing a dress. The features of the swimwear and comfort that it provides both hold extreme magnitude. The luxury brands in swimwear are expensive, but these brands pay a lot of attention on the minor details that the economical or inexpensive brands ignore. Most of the luxury brands in swimwear utilise cuts and prints to enhance the slimming effect and distract the onlooker. The material used to create the pieces is also exclusive quality material that gives a flattering fit to the wearer.

The luxury swimwear costumes also come with multiple uses. These can be used as nightwear as well, with comforts including sides that don't cut into skin and is water-proof. The properties that the luxury swimwear is endowed with are responsible for the increased prices. A luxury swimwear can cost anywhere between $ 100 to $ 400, or in some cases even more.

It is pertinent to note that a single swimwear can require up to five machines and the cost of fabric is almost the same as that of a clothing fabric. Unlike the ordinary swimwear, the luxury swimwear can easily withstand the challenges posed by salt, sand and chlorine in water. This apart the luxury swimwear is also better fitted and easily holds up while running into waves and jumping off diving boards. The high end swimwear is the one that lasts longer than the ordinary swimwear. The market for the high end swimwear is likely to grow with time, as there is growing awareness among the target market regarding the importance of looking good and feeling comfortable at beach. Consumers no longer want to compromise with either the fit or the comfort and in such a scenario buying a luxury brand is the only option that they have. It is justified when the trade pundits predict that the swimwear market will grow as economies continue to bounce back and vacations are becoming more regular and popular. The world market for swimwear and beachwear is projected to exceed $ 17.6 billion by the year 2015, according to Global Industry Analysts (GIA). The high end swimwear market will reap more than a good response from the consumers of developed countries especially the United States and European Union, as revealed by the new market research report on swimwear and beachwear market.


The market for luxury swimwear in developing countries like Pakistan, India etc. is not likely to register an impressive response. Though the overall market with regard to high end brands in clothing sector is progressing at a fast pace, but countries like India, Pakistan do not have a beach culture, thus consumers are still hesitant to invest in a high end expensive swimwear. Nevertheless, the developing world such as the South East Asia and China are likely to provide a bright prospect for the growth of the luxury swimwear market as the influence of western swimwear habits is gaining momentum in this part of the world.

The high end swimwear market relies on the increasing relaxed dress codes, awareness regarding body care, rise in social mobility, and enhanced performance of textile industry. The middle-aged and older men and women are also investing in luxury swimwear as these are made of specialty fabrics that support their physique and provide the comfort that they look for. Other drivers for swimwear and beachwear include the growth of the beauty and spa industry.

Today the consumers know that luxury swimwear and swimsuits are unique and exclusive when compared to a mass produced swimsuit. The little details including fit, comfort and fabric make the luxury swimsuits special. The luxury swimwear market holds the key to making the swimwear industry flourish. It is the future of the swimwear segment and is likely to give the ordinary swimwear market a run for its money.