Denim is a staple clothing item and each year the denim industry comes out with latest designs, washes, and technologies to fulfill the insatiable demand for jeans. A lot of mind boggling and progressive designs have been inculcated to create the new age denims. From zero water wash to reversible denims, there are numerous innovations happening on this front. These brilliant technologies will make jeans made out PET bottles seem like passe.

A very unique collection of denims developed have garnered the attention of mainstream fashion press recently. These jeans put an end to the worries of owning and keeping a pair of white jean clean. They are straight whites and can repel stains. The company uses an innovative wash treatment for keeping the stains at bay. The liquid wash can remove stains caused by coffee, soda, wine, and even repels water. Since the pair of jeans get dirty less, the frequency to wash, and keep them clean also minimizes. However, these treated denims are said to last up to 20 washes.

Denim companies are making sure that people can wear jeans while doing anything and everything. This season snowboarders can enjoy the winters wearing more than just a casual pair of jeans and a water proof jacket. A Canada based denim company has come up with denim snowboarding suit. It might look like a conventional suit but is basically a set of jacket and pants. Made from high quality stretch denim, these suits are completely water resistant, breathable, fully lined, and abrasion free. Keeping in mind the style factor, the brand provides it a grunge and rock and roll look.

Another such product is denim that performs like a knit. A premium brands high end garment, the fabric of these jeans is soft, flexible, and unlike any conventional denim fleece-like. The brand produces comfortable skinny jeans and can be worn all times even while doing ballet or jogging. Functional fabrics have been infused with fashion to make everyday clothes more interesting. A pair of jeans can now work like a lotion onto the wearer's legs. Denim spa collections developed by a leading producer of denim have designed jeans that keep skin from getting dry with the nourishment of aloe Vera and olive oil for smooth soft looking legs.

Denims brands are getting more and more specific with their products and exploring niche markets to widen their customer base. Special jeans have been developed by a brand for motorcycle enthusiasts. The signature collection of mostly black jeans are reinforced at the seat, knee, and hip with Kevlar, which is a protective body armour used in making military clothes to prevent the wearer from abrasions and tears. The jeans have unique contouring done in the legs to make the riding experience much more comfortable.