It is a common notion that stress result into diseases and aging that disturbs the normal functioning of the body. ECG is the graph of bioelectric signals generated by depolarization and repolarisation of the heart says SERINDIP (2007). This shows how important the heart rate measures which can guide in finding various factors of a human body.

Heart rate is the number of heart beats per minute, typically expressed as beats per minute. Our normal pulse rate is ~72/min and it is higher or lower when one is unwell. Generally we think that our heart beats at a normal rate. Doctors describe the normal electrical activity of the heart as "regular sinus rhythm". But, sometimes the heart beat of a healthy person fluctuates in an irregular manner even at rest. This article is concerned about the detection of human heart beat rate and to display the same in the 16*2 alphanumeric LCD display. For the detection of heart beat sensor is developed in order to give a binary output according to the heart beat.


The need for smart textile and E-textiles are much growing due to its multi functionality in applications. Having this priority in mind an E-Suit is designed to detect the heart rate of the person and its efficiency is been tested.


1.     Selection of Microcontroller

8051 series microcontroller is selected, as the cost of the microcontroller is low. Moreover, it is widely used in the market and the efficiency of microcontroller is high. The microcontroller is programed according to the required function.