The performance of a machine is not deteriorated by long term usage provided its maintenance is done properly.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM):

Total productive maintenance is a novel approach for maintaining machines which improves the efficiency of machines, eliminates breakdown and promotes independent maintenance by operators in the daily activities. TPM is not a specific maintenance policy; it is a culture, a philosophy and an attitude towards excellence in maintenance. Industrial experience proves that through implementation of TPM in industries, production has increased by 50%, machine downtime is reduced by 15% and generation of defective products is overcome by 80%. Apart from this, TPM also offers various intangible benefits such as concept of team work, increases morale safety and we have spare time to increase intellectual capabilities and potential to face competition and challenge in present era.

Since business has global influence, two of the customer's basic requirements are Quality and Timely delivery. The change in the concepts of how to achieve world class quality has been due to the theories and techniques propagated by modern experts.

Types of Maintenance:

1. Scheduled Maintenance

With the erection & commissioning of plant, machine manufacturers' are providing manual and various check lists which are based upon 'fixed running time ' or 'fixed period'. These check list to be followed by maintenance team on daily , bi-weekly , weekly , fortnightly , monthly , half -yearly , annual maintenance basis. We can take an example that working of a particular machine depends between 0 degree and 360 degree of cycle. Many parts and motion have been synchronized in one running cycle.