After basking in the summer trends for 2014, its time to find out about the reigning styles and silhouettes for fall fashion and embrace them with confidence. It's almost time to bid adieu to the bright flip-flops and breezy cotton dresses and welcome the fall. The latest in fall classics like coats and boots, new colours and prints, which are emerging for this seasons staples make the stylish. Shed the winter blues with the new and know the fresh trends to stay in style this fall/winter.

The biggest highlight of the rising trends for autumn/winter 2014-2015 is the androgynous take on women's fashion. Dressing like a man is going to be every fashion obsessing woman's cup of tea for the soon approaching winters. The silhouettes, colours, and patterns are inspired from it and designers have turned to menswear for sporting a bold and man-kind look.

All the four fashion capitals showcased their love for this blooming trend. This season's look is more masculine from the past feminine projections of the trend. Fitted suits, boxy tailoring, loose and fitted shirts were largely seen adorned by models on the catwalks. Wide legged pants in various styles like pleated, front tabs, and high waist will also be a hit. The trend for autumn/winter 2014-2015 is progressive from the tomboyish looks to military styles to pick from. Pinstriped bottoms and tweeds for tops were also spotted in designer collections. Stella McCartney, Oscar de la Renta, and Paul Smith presented their pant suits, coats, and manly footwear with great taste and with a lot of galore.

Another strikingly new feature that was witnessed on the ramps is a spectacular range of textile innovations and fresh ideas in terms of fabrics and prints. Drawings, applique work, embroidery and interesting prints on materials like leather became a big attraction at the fashion weeks for fall/winter 2014-2015. A play of 3D prints was also popular among many designers at fashion events giving the clothes for 2014's winter a futuristic appeal.

High street fashion is loved by the fashion conscious and has a huge market of followers for comfort chic. Sweatshirts are a winter staple with big bold numbers and varsity logos. But what is amazing is that street styles are blending with formal wear to create a new variety of fashion format. Sweatshirts can be paired with satin knee length midi skirts or pencil leather skirts for a sporty look this winter.

The sports luxe trend comprises of training tracks in leather, silk bomber jackets, vinyl jackets with fur sleeves, and sweatshirts with embroidery for a dressier look for the winters. Designer labels like Donna Karen New York, Chanel, Dior, and Raf Simons presented collections inspired by luxury sportswear for the autumn/winter 2014-2015. Motorcycle sport inspired sweatshirts with colour blocking, contrast sleeves, quilting patterns, and neoprene materials will also be a popular item for winter essentials this year.

If boxy clothes are not what one aspires to pull off a stylish winter this year, then the more feminine and fitted deal can be opted for with cinched waist looks. Either dresses with statement belts or an oversized coat with a fitted waist belt are going to the 'it' thing for the upcoming fall and are a perfect way to flaunt a sharper silhouette. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Osman, and Top Shop Unique were all reigning high on the accentuated waist theme.

A winter 'must-have' is a coat. There are many new trends to choose from for looking in vogue for the fall of 2014-2015. One of them is the military adaptation of outerwear to keep warm. Battling the difficulties of living a city life and drawing such inspiration for the everyday soldier in an individual, the coats are uniform like but with essential design details. Contrast lapels with naval officer style influences, velvet trims, brass hardware, flap pockets, and fur collars are a few features to look forward to. Trench coats and double-breasts styles are classics that one can invest in and are trends that remain a la mode with passing time and fleeting fads.

The season of coats is just around the corner and if the normal is boring then to stand out one can experiment with colourful coats. They can be worn with anything be it pants or dresses. Cardigans are also going to be a winter essential this year. Bohemian theme and floral are popular styles that will be found in cardigans. Trims in contrasting colours, detailing at the collars, shawl and fur styles are distinct updates to watch for and upgrade to for cardigans this fall/winter.

Abstract panelling is another fresh trend associated with fall/winter 2014-2015 fashion. The spring/summer trend of paint inspired prints continues to woo fashion designers even for the winters. The styles for winter bear modern art influences with techniques like colour blocking, patching together different materials, and mismatched lengths to create striking and unique effects. Designers like Roksanda Ilinic, Jonathan Saunders, and Roland Mouret showcased such flattering styles on the runway.

Embellishments will be adding the extra bling this fall/winter. Big and chunky metallic adornments are a great way to pep up one's style quotient and can be worn with jumpers, jackets, and dresses. Big totes, large scarves, and high leather boots are other must-haves for the upcoming winter.

One colour that absolutely rocked the runways was blue. Navy has become the new black for fall fashion 2014-2015. From classy cocktail mini's by Stella McCartney, knits paired with silky pants by Philip Lim, to Simone Rocha's bomber jackets and long furry numbers all had one thing in common was the hue of blue.

All in all the winter wear for 2014-2015 has amazing trends and fashion picks to invest in.