There are various methods of space dyeing on different forms of yarn.

Hank or Skein printing: The ready to dye yarn in hank or skein form is mounted on a stand or laid on a suitable surface and then different colors are applied either by brush or by spraying at fixed places to achieve the desired multicolour effect. Depending on the type of substrate and the dyestuffs used the hanks are then processed for suitable dye-fixation followed by finishing. Though, this method imparts controlled yarn coloration at specified points and desired length, the process is cumbersome and time consuming and is mainly suitable for short length fabric.

Space dyeing in package form: Depending on the machinery available and the effect desired, the yarn printing in package form is done by two methods:

1. Manual operation: Colors are injected by hand at different places in the package using a syringe filled with the dye solution. The skill set developed by the technicians enable them to insert the needle in the package horizontally, vertically or at various angles and release the color while taking the needle out so that the required amount of dye is applied at the specified place in the package.

Another variant of this method is dip-stick process. In this case different places of the yarn package are dipped in different dye solution so that multiple colors get applied at various places and with varying intensity which after unwinding of yarn provides a unique fancy dyed effect.